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Brand Feature | Bohemian Blu

Brand Feature | Bohemian Blu

We are excited to welcome a new brand to our shop! Bohemian Blu is a line of handmade artisan jewelry from Fargo, N.D. Check out our fun Q&A with owner Kristin and shop some of our favorite pieces here.

Q: When was Bohemian Blu founded and why did you decide to begin this business?

A: I (Kristin) started the business in the spring of 2016. A recent move, the love of design and becoming “empty-nesters” made it a perfect time to take a few art courses. Inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian style, I use an innovative approach to modern jewelry design. My ultimate goal is to create simple, one-of-a-kind pieces that are earthy, elegant and timeless. Most of my jewelry is lightweight, hand-hammered brass for comfortable wear-ability. Each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted in my home studio in beautiful Fargo, N.D. In 2018 we introduced our new line, bläk label, handmade by my husband, Dale (Mr. Blu). He designs and creates each piece with fine and sterling silver and precious and semi-precious gemstones. The styles complement each other perfectly.

Q: How is working as a husband and wife duo?

A: Depends on who you ask ;) and the day of the week. Actually, we inspire each other, offer ideas, and critique each piece to assure we are providing the best possible product for our customers.

Q: How are the roles within the business delegated?

A: After 25 years of marriage, we know each other pretty well. Each of us has our strengths and we capitalize on those strengths. And, of course, for those tasks we enjoy less… we use the democratic method of determining task-assignment. I get 2 votes… Dale gets 1.

Q: Do either of you work another job or are you both committed to Bohemian Blu full time?

A: I dedicate 100% of my time to design, creation and marketing. I am continually inspired by nature, architecture, and a simple/modern lifestyle. Taking this inspiration and transforming it into my jewelry is a natural process and what I truly love. Dale is an executive at a health care organization in Fargo. Evenings and weekends are when he can dedicate time and energy to Bohemian Blu.

Q: Where is the Bohemian Blu line sold? Is it just (fairly) local to your studio in North Dakota or all around the U.S.?

A: Our jewelry is in studios in the Western U.S. and the Upper Midwest. We choose to partner with exclusive boutiques and currently limit distribution as we create design and market all jewelry ourselves. Our hands touch every piece of jewelry and we want to make sure of the highest quality so our customers are 100% satisfied. Happy customers who love their jewelry give us the greatest satisfaction.

Q: What or who are your inspirations for creating the jewelry?

A: Anything to do with architecture and Scandinavian design. Specifically, architecture of the Pacific Northwest has been a love of mine since a young age; it is filled with creative uses of wood, metal and glass. I love mixing different components, while still keeping my pieces simple.  A little sparkle is added to most of my pieces.

Q: On average, how many pieces are made every week?

A: On average, together we make 200-300 pieces per week.

Q: Is it difficult to continue coming up with completely unique designs? Do you ever find yourself repeating any of your favorites?

A: I am awake all hours of the night. It’s the time I can think without life’s distractions. Inspiration is everywhere; I cannot see myself running out of ideas for years to come. We do repeat some of the favorites. However, I am always adding or changing to keep ideas fresh and exciting.

Q: Any advice to anyone trying to start a small business of their own?

A: We are still learning. Be open to the ideas of others, build a support network, be very specific with your goals, and have fun!

Q: Finally, what’s it like living in North Dakota knowing that there is a superior Dakota just a few hours south? 😉

A: I love this question. My father, who recently passed, was born and raised in South Superior Dakota… He is smiling and would agree with this comment.

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