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Chloe's Christmas List

Chloe's Christmas List
Grandmother's Button Jewelry

Grandmother's Buttons Jewelry

This is a new jewelry brand we started carrying this fall, after our owner, Penny, found the company at a flea market in Denver.  I fell in love with the antique feel of the brand and I know there isn't anything like it on the market. Each piece is designed with a specific vintage button from their collection. Talk about a special piece of jewelry that can be kept for a lifetime!


Becca Dark Teal Lux Boots

Bedstu | Becca Dark Teal Lux Boots

Bedstu is always a favorite around here at the shop. While we were at market, this beautiful teal-washed color of boots just stood out to me! They are unique, yet still a classic style of boot you can wear anytime, anywhere. 



Cienna Wrap Skirt

Cienna | Wrap Skirts

The fabrics from Cienna cannot be matched. From our favorites selling out this summer, I was so excited to see new fall & winter pieces come into the shop! The fact that these can be worn with reversible colors, as a maxi skirt or midi skirt, this is a piece to wear in so many ways! 



Magnolia Pearl Jacket

Magnolia Pearl | Silk Monique Jacket

The silk fabric, bright red color, and embellished details all make this jacket at the top of my list! I'm a jacket girl and will never have enough. We received the Monique Jacket in multiple colors, but I had to pick the bold, bright red because it's Christmas! I splurged last fall and purchased a Magnolia jacket... I might just have to again this year since I'm wearing my current jacket so much!



Aiken Cold Brew Handbag

Bedstu | Aiken Cold Brew Handbag

The photo just shows how the uniqueness of the dip dye of the cold brew wash. The cold brew is my favorite wash from Bedstu and the Aiken bag is the perfect size for me-compact, but with many pockets. 


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