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Prairie Artisan Fragrances | Ambre Blanc Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz

Prairie Artisan Fragrance's No.#1 Seller. This clean, woody, warm, fresh and musky fragrance has become a favorite for the scent wearer that likes a more minimalistic approach to a scent. This hypoallergenic fragrance is composed of a single note, a synthetic form of ambergris, named Cetalox. Trade secret, layer this fragrance with another one of Prairie Artisan Fragrance's other fragrances for a delightful, new & inventive scent. This unisex fragrance has a contradicting nature with itʼs fresh, woody and musky notes. While it is fresh, it has a warm and very cozy amber note to it also.

  • 0.3 oz
  • Notes: Fresh, Woody, Musk and Amber
  • Prairie Artisan Fragrances is located locally in White Lake, SD.

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