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Seamless Sweater-Knit Ribbed Duster

Sustainable. Seamless. Sweater duster jacket. Wide rib knit. Saddle sleeve. 

Designed as a transitional wear cardigan duster with an open front and fitted sleeves. Perfect for getting tasks done without all the snaggy frills.

This sweater is made with Ecovero™, a sustainably sourced form of rayon that uses less resources to produce with a smaller carbon footprint.

3-D Knit Sweater. Crafted from recycled fibers, our 3D-knitted seamless sweaters are meticulously produced to prevent waste without sacrificing quality and comfort. This sweater pairs elegance with coziness in an oversized fit. Seamless yet draping oh-so-perfectly, this piece is a must-have for the season.

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